World Series Baseball 2022 2023

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World Series Baseball 2022 2023

The 2022 World Series will be the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2022 season championship series. The 2022 Major League Baseball season that began on April 7 will end on October 5, 2022, while the World Series playoff games will begin 2 days later, Friday October 7, starting with the newly expanded wild card series. Only 12 teams will enter the Playoffs, which means that only 6 teams from each league (American League and National League) will compete for the 2 Jolly places in the World Series this year.

World Series Baseball 2023

Baseball World Series will return in 2023 with 20 teams, of which 16 are already known, 4 will come from 2 qualifying tournaments. Let's see the groupings together:
  • POOL A (Taichung, Taiwan, 8-13 March 2023) - China Taipei, Holland, Cuba, Italy, qualified 1
  • POOL B (Tokyo, Japan, 8-13 March 2023) - Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, qualified 2
  • POOL C (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 11-15 March 2023) - United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, qualified 3
  • POOL D (Miami, Florida, USA, 11-15 March 2023) - Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, qualified 4
The qualifiers, instead, will be played with the following 2 groups:
  • POOL A (Regensburg, Germany, September 16-21) - Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Great Britain, South Africa
  • POOL B (Panama City, Panama, 30 September-5 October) - Panama, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, New Zealand
Italy will present itself with the element of attraction, at least on an American scale, which is called Mike Piazza on the bench. But for some months it has already been known that at least one player has already been co-opted for next March. This is Trey Mancini, thirty years old from Baltimore. Make your predictions and Find out More about our Advantageous Odds

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